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The word “Koha” translates to “The Gift of Food” in New Zealand.  With so many dogs and cats suffering from food related sensitivities and allergies and not many healthy options, the founder of KOHA decided to create a clean, nutritious and delicious line of their own. KOHA features unique proteins, all sourced from the USA, New Zealand and Australia. All of KOHA’s formulas include many beneficial ingredients such as Green Mussel for joint health and pumpkin for digestion,  while eliminating any unnecessary fillers, grains and potatoes. KOHA is also completely Carageenan and Guar gum free. The ash content is also low, making this a great option for large breed dogs/puppies or dogs with kidney issues.


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Dog Formulas

Venison and Blueberries

Lamb and Apple

Turkey and Pumpkin

Kangaroo and Blueberries

Cat Formula

Duck and Kangaroo

Turkey and Kangaroo