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Lotus was founded in 2003 in California by the owners of an independent pet retailer. Over time they realized that they wanted to create a food that was different than the many mass produced kibbles currently on the market. They set out to make an oven baked, holistic line using only the finest whole ingredients. They were able to find a family-owned Quebec bakery that had the same standards and philosophy and created a partnership that is still in effect today.

There are many benefits to baking rather than the traditional extruding method of cooking kibble. With baking, none of the vitamins or amino acids are lost; vs 40% and 20% respectively with extrusion. With this method there are also more cups of kibble per bag than with extruded food. On average there will be 20 more cups in a 25lb bag of Lotus than the typical extruded food.

Lotus uses around 33% more fresh meat than standard kibble, up to 40%. This allows the levels of Ash to be lower and better levels of Calcium and Phosphorus. This is key for large breeds to prevent fast rates of growth, leading to joint and bone issues.

All ingredients are North American or New Zealand sourced from trusted manufacturers. All proteins are naturally preserved with Vitamin E and never contain any BHT, BHA, or Ethoxyquin.

Lotus has a chicken based “senior” food that is perfect for not only older dogs but because of the lower fat and protein content also is phenomenal for dogs that have had pancreatitis. Dogs that have had a history of kidney or urinary stones can also benefit from this formula.

Lotus also makes a fantastic line of canned pet food. This is manufactured in their own microcannery in California.



(small and regular bites)

*Chicken senior

(small and regular bites)


(small and regular bites)

*Grain free Duck

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*Grain free Turkey

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*Beef and Asparagus Stew

*Wholesome Turkey Stew

*Just Juicy Pork Shoulder

*Just Juicy Beef Shanks