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Nature’s Logic

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Nature’s Logic

Nature’s Logic has a mindful purpose and intent behind the name of their product.  It is their guarantee that the products bearing this name are indeed born out of the logic of nature.  They are a reflection of the safe and wholesome foods nature supplies.  Nature’s Logic has taken no short cuts to provide your pets with natural nutrition that is safe and complete.  

Nature’s Logic formulas are highly palatable made up of nutrient dense meat with concentrates of select fruits and vegetables.  They contain no gluten, wheat, corn, rice, soy, potatoes, tapioca, peas or chemically synthesized vitamins, minerals, or trace nutrients.  Instead of using grains and starches, Nature’s Logic uses millet, which is a grass seed, similar to one a carnivore might naturally digest in the wild.  Each dry diet is specially coated with digestive enzymes and plasma protein containing high levels of natural vitamins, minerals and albumin and globulin proteins.


Formula’s Available:

Dry + Canned Canine: Beef, Chicken, Duck + Salmon, Rabbit, Turkey

Dry + Canned Feline: Chicken, Rabbit, Sardine