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Open Farm

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Open Farm

Open Farm is a family run Canadian business that produces a small line of grain free dog food. What sets Open Farm apart is their belief that the best ingredients are grown and raised by farmers that love the land they live on and the animals in their care. Open Farm is the very first pet food to be Certified Humane®, meaning 100% of all meat and poultry is sourced from farmers that have been certified by the Humane Farm Animal Care Program or HFACP. HFACP is a third party non-profit organization run by a team of scientists and veterinarians from around the world. In order to be certified, all farms that Open Farm sources their meat and poultry from must meet HFACP’s welfare standards.

This includes being fed a diet completely free from antibiotics and growth hormones, the animals must be cage free and handled gently to reduce stress, and are raised in an environment that allows them to exhibit their natural behavior. The animals are treated with respect and not just as a product. The Certified Humane® welfare standards cover the entirety of the farm animals’ life. In order to keep that label, the entire supply chain is inspected frequently with audits happening at least once per year. This includes every farm that Open Farm uses as well as their own manufacturing plant and process. Open Farm welcomes the inspections as an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to transparency.


All fish used in Open Farm’s recipes are exclusively ocean caught to ensure that the fish have consumed a natural diet, free of antibiotics and hormones. Open Farm works closely with both Seafood Watch and Oceanwise to make sure the fish are harvested in a way that will limit damage to both marine habitats and endangered or non-harvested fish. The fish formula is created in a “Catch of the Day” style, only using the whitefish currently in season. This helps protect aquatic sustainability. All formulas contain healthy, non-gmo fruits and vegetables, and a nutritious blend of both fish and coconut oils.

*Homestead Chicken and Turkey

*Catch of the Day Whitefish and Lentils

*Farmers Table Pork and Root Vegetables