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Champion is an award winning Canadian pet food maker that has been providing the conscientious pet owner with exceptionally high quality and nutritious options for over 25 years.

Champion’s nutritional philosophy is based around food being “Biologically Appropriate.” Dogs and cats evolved from hunters and this concept mirrors the freshness, richness and variety of meats that they would naturally eat in the wild. The structure of our pets’ mouths and digestive systems are designed to exist on a diet consisting of mostly meat. Champion’s formulas are free of all fillers, by-products and high glycemic carbohydrates that have no place in a dog or cat’s diet. Conversely, they are full of fresh whole meat, including liver, tripe, marrow and cartilage. By including the whole of the animal, Champion does not have to use any synthetic vitamins, allowing for better absorption of the nutrients. All botanicals used are grown locally and are specially selected to strengthen organs, promote a healthy metabolism and cleanse the body of toxins. Every individual ingredient is sustainably raised by local Kentucky farmers and delivered fresh DAILY to their state of the art Kentucky kitchen. Every ingredient is fit for human consumption.

Orijen focuses on high inclusions of fresh meat and follows the whole prey approach. Orijen has meat Ratios of up to 80%, all locally sourced from Kentucky ranches and farmlands. By including the cartilage and organs, the need for synthetic vitamins are eliminated and makes this diet close to what our pets would eat in the wild.

Life Stage Formulas are carefully formulated to give each pet exactly what they need as they go from puppyhood to senior. Each bag is full of cage free chicken and turkey, nest laid eggs and fresh caught fish providing nourishing protein and promoting lean muscle mass and healthy blood sugar. The large breed puppy formula is carefully formulated with the proper levels of ash and calcium to promote healthy growth and promote strong bones and joints.



*Large Breed Puppy



*Cat and Kitten

Orijen’s Supreme Meat formulas are all life stages and full of up to 80% fresh meat to nourish your pet in the way nature intended. Available in a red meat formula that contains free range pork, boar, bison, lamb and Angus beef all raised by local ranchers as well as a fish formula containing both salt and freshwater fish. All ingredients are delivered fresh daily, never frozen. *available in feline*

*Regional Red

*6 Fish