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How to Help Your Pet Cope with Anxiety

How to Help Your Pet Cope with Anxiety

Nothing takes the fun out of the 4th of July like watching your best canine friend cower in a corner at the sound of fireworks. And seeing your pet scared and uncomfortable on a road trip can take the wind right out of your sails. Luckily, there are ways to help your pet cope with anxiety.

#1: Recognize the Signs of Anxiety in Your Pet

The first step in helping your pet cope with anxiety is recognizing when they need help. Signs of anxiety in dogs include trembling, tail tucking, hiding, panting, licking or biting self, or diarrhea. If your dog’s anxiety grows into panic, they could even injure you or someone else in an effort to escape the situation. If you start to notice your dog feeling anxious, intervene early.

#2: Pet and Cuddle Your Dog to Soothe Anxiety

Gentle touch helps dogs feel better just like it does humans. Your pet trusts you, so showing them that they’re safe and don’t need to be afraid actually goes a long way.

#3: Help Your Pet Burn Some Energy to Calm Anxiety

Whether that’s playing with toys on the Fourth of July or stopping at a dog park during a road trip, making sure a dog gets some exercise can help relieve stress. It goes back to creating a sense of normalcy and calm for your pet, and as an added bonus, it tuckers them out!

#4: Consider a Reishi Mushroom Supplement to Aid Your Pet’s Anxiety

If you know your dog is likely to be anxious in a given situation, consider a supplement with Reishi Mushrooms. They contain many trace vitamins and minerals along with plenty of healing nutrients. Additionally, they contain lysine and leucine (important essential amino acids) and other bioactive molecules. They can help reduce anxiety but also aid in blood sugar regulation, cancer prevention, immune system strengthening, improved cardiovascular function, memory improvement, and increased energy. A healthy dog is a happier dog!

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