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Keep Your Pet Safe with a Life Vest

Keep Your Pet Safe with a Life Vest

You wouldn’t take a toddler on a boat or around a body of water without a life vest, right? Well, the same principle applies to your pets! Read on to find out why life vests are important for your pets.

#1: Not All Dogs Can Swim (or Swim Well)

Dogs have an innate instinct to start paddling when they hit the water, but that doesn’t mean they have the innate skill to stay afloat. Even dogs that can swim well may tire quickly and have trouble getting back to dry land. A life vest can help your water-loving dog stay afloat and safe while having fun.

#2: In Case of Emergency = Life Vest

If you’re taking your dog on a boat of any sort, a life vest is a must. In the event of anylife vest for dogs in Kansas city sort of accident, the life vest will make it possible for your dog to stay afloat until help arrives, even if he or she is panicking or unconscious. The range of colors and patterns available aren’t just cute or good-looking; they can also help your dog stay visible in the water. Additionally, most vests have handles that make it easier to lift your dog out of the water.

#3: Enjoy the Water and Stop Worrying

You’ll have a better time enjoying the pool, lake or beach knowing your dog is safer thanks to his or her life vest. You’ll be able to bond with your animal playing in the water together instead of worrying about keeping your pet away from it.

Pet Life Vests at Land of Paws

We have a great selection of life vests for dogs of all sizes to enjoy this summer. All of our vests meet the highest level of safety standards, because we love dogs as much as you do and want to keep them safe. We’ll help you pick one that’s perfect for your pup. Visit us in Corinth Square or Deer Creek, or give us a call with your questions!