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The Benefits of Raw Dog Food

The Benefits of Raw Dog Food

The ancestral diet or the raw dog food diet has so many benefits. Dogs fed fresh meat are significantly healthier than dry fed dogs. But why? Dogs are not ‘designed’ to eat corn and wheat which comprises about half of what is in commercial kibbles and canned pet foods. They were designed to eat meat!

The proof is in the Poop!

Dogs have a short, acidic digestive system, that was designed to digest food quickly and effectively, greatly reducing the threat of bacteria. When we feed heavily processed meat, grains, and fillers, we are making their digestive system to do something that it is not designed to do.

Raw meat is digested more completely than cooked grains and meat. This means less waste! Raw fed pets can have small poops that are sometimes chalky in texture, when left out in the sun for a couple of days they generally turn to dust. It creates less poop and firms up their stools, making clean up easier!

You so Pretty

Raw food will help give your dogs a beautiful shiny coat. The raw dog food diet gives dogs healthier skin and coat because their dietary needs are fully taken care of. It can also cause them to have less odor.

What White teeth you have

So they may not be perfectly white, but it will definitely be a lot better than when your pooch is fed the commercial stuff. One of the leading illnesses in dogs today is dental diseases. Everyone is familiar with the term “dog breath” your dog or cat’s breath should NOT smell. It could mean they are suffering from periodontal disease. You will be impressed with the difference in your pets oral health after switching to raw dog food.

Reducing Allergies

Many pets have allergies, it often shows up in their skin and coat, most pet foods are filled with grains, fillers, dyes, and preservatives. Eating raw, instead of wheat and corn will help reduce your pets allergies. If your dog’s breed is particularly prone to allergies your dog simply cannot escape from allergens especially in the spring and summer, they still may need homeopathic remedies specifically designed for your dog’s symptoms and condition.

If you have considered switching to a RAW dog food, stop into one of our two locations in Overland Park or Prairie Village, you can learn more and find out which option is best for your pet!


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