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Fromm Family Foods is a 5th generation family owned and operated artisan pet food company based in Wisconsin. In the business of farming and animal care since the 1800s, Fromm is credited with creating the distemper vaccine in 1939 after 15 years of research. This marked a huge innovation in the health of dogs and cats. After creating the vaccine, Fromm went to work pioneering the art of cooking both meat and grain together and formed one of the first complete kibbles. Now they are one of the premier pet foods on the market today. Each formula is made in small, hands on batches at their family facility in Wisconsin. All ingredients are USA sourced and free of any artificial preservatives.


The Gold line is a holistic approach to balanced and complete nutrition for each stage of a pets’ life. Containing duck, chicken and lamb as well as hearty grains, this is a highly palatable food for a fantastic price. Each formula is carefully crafted for the specific needs of either the age or size of the dog. The small breed formula is nutrient rich and energy dense to cater to the higher metabolic rate of a smaller breed dog while promoting lean muscle mass. The large breed formula is crafted with different levels of nutrients to promote healthy slow growth and prevent problems that could arise from an excess of the wrong nutrients.


*Large Breed Puppy


*Large Breed Adult

*Small Breed Adult

*Senior/Reduced Activity

*Weight Management

The Four Star Nutritional line is a fantastic rotational line. Dogs and cats can get bored of eating the same thing at each meal and this provides a great way to give them some variety. Each formula contains a single source of protein and a mix of healthy produce and botanicals. By changing the protein in your pets’ diet occasionally you can help reduce the risk of food allergies occurring


(with grain)

*Chicken A La Veg

*Duck & Sweet Potato

*Salmon A La Veg

*Whitefish and Potato

*Pork and Applesauce

(grain free)

*Beef Frittata

*Salmon Tunalini


*Pork and Peas

*Surf and Turf

*Hasen Duckenpfeffer


(with grains)

*Duck a la Veg

*Chicken a la Veg

(grain free)

*Surf &Turf

*Game Bird

*Salmon Tunachovy