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Fussie Cat

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Fussie Cat

Cats are infamously fussy when it comes to their food.  Being true carnivores, nature demands they eat a diet richly based in animal proteins to thrive.  Fussie Cat uses Physiologically Correct potato and grain free recipes always beginning with the main ingredient as a meat rich protein.  The Market Fresh recipes are all created with the freshest and finest ingredients.  

Fussie Cat is produced in an FDA-registered kitchen in Thailand that also produces canned food for human consumption.  Quality control is met by international standards, to ensure your cat’s health, and your peace of mind. On a daily basis, top down inspections and examinations take place on ingredients, including but not limited to pest control, food safety, heavy metals, pathogens, contaminations, and pesticides.

In the end, the true signature of approval lies with your cat and it does not matter how nutritious a food is if your cat will not eat it.  This is why Fussie Cat tailors its taste based on actual feline feedback ensuring its absolute palatability.  


Formulas Available:

Market Fresh Dry: Salmon, and Chicken & Turkey.

Canned: Chicken + Sweet Potato, Chicken + Vegetables, Chicken + Duck, Chicken, Chicken + Small Anchovies, Chicken with Egg, Chicken + Anchovies